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Program overview

The New Selection program offers free storage for eligible new-to-FBA ASINs. If you participate in the program, you can avail this benefit for up to 100 new parent ASINs per year. The 100 ASIN cap will be reset 1st January every year.
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Program benefits

All eligible new-to FBA ASINs qualify for
  • Free monthly storage for the first 30 units sent to Amazon fulfilment centres for 90 days after the first unit is received


The fee rates for selling on Amazon vary based on the fulfillment channel you are using to deliver orders.

FBA New Selection Program - Example


• 30 units sent to a fulfillment center

Seller Profile

• Enrolled in New Selection program
• Sells shoes


• Size: 31.5 cm × 24.6 cm × 12.6 cm, 1.2 kg
• Quantity: 1 ASIN, 30 units per ASIN.

FBA Program

62.07 SAR
Monthly storage fees
90 days storage for 30 units.

FBA New Selection Program

= 0.00 SAR
Storage fees waived for eligible units

Monthly storage fee¹

3 SAR per cubic foot
Monthly storage fees
90 days storage for 30 units.
Within the FBA New Selection Program, Monthly Storage fees are waived for all elible ASINs as per the program's terms and conditions.
¹ For details, visit Inventory Storage Fees.

How it works

1. New to selling on Amazon?
You must first register as a Professional Seller to be eligble to join the New Selection Program. Click Start Selling to set up yout account.
2. Enroll in the FBA New Selection Program
Click the Enroll now button below. To be eligible for free storage, you must be enrolled in the New Selection Program before you send your first shipment to a fulfillment center.
3. Select the Fulfillment by Amazon option when you list products, or switch your existing listings to FBA
Creating listings for the first time:
Once you have registered as a seller and enrolled in FBA New Selection, create your listings in Amazon.ae marketplace. Select the Fulfillment by Amazon option when listing your products. We’ll guide you through the process of shipping your products to a fulfilment centre.

Switch your existing listings to FBA:
Visit the Manage inventory page in your Seller Account, choose the products you want Amazon to fulfil, and click Change to Fulfilled by Amazon under Actions. Watch our Intro to FBA help video in Seller University for more information about selling with FBA.
4. Enjoy benefits of the program, while reaching more customers
After you enroll, Amazon will determine whether you qualify for the fee waivers. We will automatically waive the fees for your eligible products, in accordance with the program terms and conditions.

Seller and product eligibility

Professional sellers are eligible to enroll into the program.
ASINs must be:
  • Received at the fulfilment centre after November 10th, 2020
  • Small standard or large standard size
  • Not used condition
  • Not in a media category

To get started with FBA New Selection, click the button below

For promotion terms and conditions, visit FBA New Selection program.


Am I limited to sending 30 or fewer units to fulfilment centres?

No, you can send in as many units as you like. However, only the first 30 units of each eligible parent ASIN that are received at fulfilment centres will qualify for the fee waivers.

If I create more than 100 new-to-FBA parent ASINs, can I remove some from my eligible ASINs list?

No, only the first 100 new-to-FBA parent ASINs that you create will qualify for the fee waivers. Any new ASINs you create after the first 100 will not qualify. However, the 100-parent-ASIN limit will be reset on 1 January each year.
FBA New Selection program terms and conditions
The following terms and conditions govern your participation in the FBA New Selection Program (the "Program").

1. The Program starts on November 10th, 2020.

2. Only Professional Sellers are eligible for the Program. Your participation in the Program is subject to Amazon’s approval.

3. "Eligible Sellers" means: Professional Sellers approved by Amazon.

4. "Eligible ASIN" means one of the first 100 ASINs you create for FBA after you are enrolled in the Program that is:
a. New to FBA;
b. A parent ASIN not offered by other FBA sellers;
c. Not a Media or used item;
d. Small standard or large standard size; and
e. Received at an Amazon fulfillment center after the Program start date of November 10th, 2020.

5. The Eligible ASIN limit (100 parent ASINs) will be reset January 1 each year.

6. Eligible ASINs exclude:
a. New child ASINs created under a parent ASIN that already exists on FBA;
b. New ASINs created by "bundling" the same or different existing FBA ASINs;
c. Oversize products; and
d. Media and used items.

7. Seller must be enrolled in the Program before an ASIN's first inventory-received data at an Amazon fulfillment center for the ASIN to quality for free monthly storage.

8. For each Eligible ASIN, FBA will waive monthly storage fees for the first 30 units received at Amazon fulfillment centers, for up to 90 days after the first inventory-received date.

9. A parent ASIN and variations of it (child ASINs) are considered one ASIN for determining the first 30 units of each eligible ASIN.

10. Amazon may change or cancel the Program at any time by giving you 30 days' prior written notice.

Last updated: November 10th, 2020
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